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Beauty in the Ordinary

Reds and Greens: Yang and Yin

What comes to mind when you read Yin and Yang? For us, it is balance, reciprocity, harmony, and serenity. In the language and spirit of Artful Awareness, we chose to name this painting “Yang and Yin” to invite a pause, a moment of intentional curiosity at turning such a familiar phrase “Yin and Yang” upside down or inside out and changing it to “Yang and Yin.”

Artful Awareness is about pausing however long enough to draw us out of our quotidian autopilot, and enjoy a moment of…

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(fill in your desired experience here). What do you want more of in your life? Pleasure? Ease? Serenity? Joy? Do magnificent, grandiose changes and decisions help you get there? Maybe. Could this desirable experience be found in quiet moments of contemplation? Of enjoying, or taking in a piece of artwork? Sharing a cup of tea or a winter walk with a human or four-legged friend? At Artful Awareness, we invite you to challenge yourself to dismantle “The Autopilot” and invite in, just for you, simple moments of whatever it is you want more of. And if you want more beauty, art, and serenity, we hope you’ll continue to share in our quest for building community around Artful Awareness.

Yang and Yin, oil on canvas, 8″ x 6″
Original oil painting by Seamus Berkeley

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