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Tokyo Visit

    More art supplies and a museum visit were the two main reasons for taking the train to one of the most populated cities in the world. The Tokyo National Museum looked like the best opportunity for seeing some traditional Japanese… Read More »Tokyo Visit

    Museum Visit

      Well, as often happens while traveling, the museum plan was changed. The Gunma Museum was closed the day we were to visit. Instead, we visited the Kurita pottery museum in Ashikaga. Initially, I was not as interested in visiting here… Read More »Museum Visit

      Orientation to Japan

        My orientation to Japan is underway. It has been a few days since my arrival here in Sano-shi, a town of about 80,000 people located an hour’s bus ride west of Tokyo. I have found several painting spots in the… Read More »Orientation to Japan

        The Trip to Tokyo

          Right now, I am in the air on the trip to Tokyo. New Mexico is the winner for WiFi access. Free at Wired cafe and free at the Sunport. Denver has WiFi from AT&T that apparently no one can connect… Read More »The Trip to Tokyo