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Beauty in the Ordinary

Mindful Painting Retreat: April 21-25, 2014

Meditation, oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″

Anything is possible when time and space are freed for creativity to flourish.

Ready to enjoy the rejuvenating spring break you deserve?

Why not prioritize your mental health and passion for painting, and make space for the first ever Contemplative Painting Retreat in Taos, New Mexico, April 21-25, with engaging instructor Seamus Berkeley.

Road trip anyone? If you’re already near Taos, perfect!

Traveling from his studio in Berkeley, CA, international portrait and representational painter Seamus Berkeley will return to his Taos studio to host a full five days of reflective painting: this will be the perfect opportunity to practice meditative techniques to bring awareness to the often hectic nucleus of activity we call the mind.

This retreat will offer meditation sessions, contemplative and visually stimulating walks, optional morning yoga, and plenty of time to transfer this tranquility into painting practice!  You will have the space and energy you need to tune into the world around you, in order to create the vibrant painting of your greatest artistic vision!

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Lunches provided, lodging available in Taos.

Please see the full Retreat Description for schedule and lodging details.

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