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Reds and Greens: The Green Bottle

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Dimensions:: 11" x 5.5"
Title: The Green Bottle

When layered, red and green paint form a black color. This particular still life arrangement investigates this notion: what happens to these two colors when a green bottle is placed in front of a red background? It looks pretty dark, for sure!

You can explore life through a lens of artful awareness by noticing how colors interact. For example, grab a green bottle and any other red item. What color do you see when you look through the bottle at the red object behind it? With one transparent object placed in front of a solid one, you might enjoy a playful experiment with color!

Perhaps you would like to have this painting for yourself to inspire your practice of artful awareness? It’s available for purchase—just click the link in our bio!

The Green Bottle, original oil on canvas, 11" x 5.5", $525

Original paintings and prints by Seamus Berkeley.

#bottle #stilllife #green #impressionism #knife #oil #painting #perrier #red #water

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