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'Frida's Front' Painting

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Seamus Berkeley Fine Art Paintings: 'Eyeing Chocolate Sorbet'
Dimensions:: 24" x 13" (gallery wrapped)

A collaborative art and poetry show Frida Fractured that focused on the life of Frida Kahlo, inspired Seamus to hone in on a slice of Frida Kahlo’s home, La Casa Azul, in Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, México. Offering an experience of Frida’s intimate sanctuary and Mexican heritage via bright and bold colors, this synergistic project between painters and poets inspired Seamus to experience the intensity that is Frida Kahlo via an intimate window of her beloved Casa Azul where love, heart break and tragic injury were all sheltered by the Kahlo family’s beloved Casa Azul.

“Creativity comes in many forms, like poetry. Poetry can be ethereal. It’s not prose. It’s a little bit like that, moving to an abstract. A poetic representation of a scene. Some elements are there, but it’s a little bit outside of prose, it’s not prose anymore. That’s how it relates to poetry: the shadows. It’s not exactly clear; it’s a representation of something. It’s such a small segment of it, you don’t know what it is unless you know it’s Frida Kahlo’s House.”

Painting is gallery wrapped, ready to hang.

Frida’s Front, Original oil on canvas, 24" x 13"

Framed prints and canvases, digital download, commercial and advertising licensing of photographs by Seamus Berkeley.

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