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Beauty in the Ordinary

September 4, 2008: Red Drop

This painting was from a recent workshop. It is one of my favorites.

Oil painting of two red peppers and a copper pot with a handle on a neutral green background.

Red Drop 10″ x 4″, Oil on canvas on board

Another small painting that was the basis for this larger work: Red Drop II.

3 responses to “September 4, 2008: Red Drop”

  1. Nick Orban Avatar
    Nick Orban

    Just finished watching your vid of “Ashley” on youtube. Your work is great. I dig this “red drop” painting too.

  2. Sylvia Jenstad Avatar

    I agree.. what a cool painting… and the composition!! so different! amamzing…

  3. Fred Bell Avatar

    Wow! What a terrific painting. Nice composition. You finally got to use that odd shaped canvas. Really a good job!

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