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Beauty in the Ordinary

Roughty Bridge II Painting

An illuminating iteration of Roughty Bridge I, Seamus Berkeley ventures even deeper into the transformative terrain of vertical paintings with Roughty Bridge II. As if the landscape has both come into focus and come alive on canvas, Roughty Bridge II invites viewers to inquire about the ways in which we see our environment—in which we look with intention, or lack thereof—and how we take notice of the world around us.

Treading carefully upon the earth invites us to watch our step upon the ground; gazing at a sorbet sunset may invite the…

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chin to lift as eyes settle on the horizon afar, color highlighting the sky along distant latitudes. But what of this often overlooked perspective that starts at our toes and reaches high toward the heavens? How often do we actually pause to observe the sky, to breathe, to notice the whimsical shapes of clouds, or allow a bird to capture your gaze en route to its next destination? Does looking, in this way, change how we perceive yourself fitting into this matrix?

Roughty Bridge II beckons you toward a change in perspective, toward contemplative, mindful inquiry: what are you paying attention to in your quotidian routine? In these fleeting moments that seem insignificant, but that, in reality, make up the years of our lives? When observing the colors and textures of Roughty Bridge II, do you notice any reactions or emotions arising? Where in your body can you feel any sensations in response? Seamus wishes to invite viewers into a deeper experience of noticing, and tuning in to your unique experience on earth when witnessing a provocative painting such as Roughty Bridge II.

Roughty Bridge II, oil on canvas, 14″ x 6″
Original painting by Seamus Berkeley

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