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Beauty in the Ordinary

Portraits of Family House Supporters

Family House, Seamus Berkeley and the Portraits of Family House team want to thank everyone who has supported the Portraits of Family House project with their financial support. These gifts, both large and small, contribute significantly towards helping us complete the vision of portraits to benefit the ongoing mission of Family House.

List of Contributors:

Robyn Comfort
Anne Marie Keogh
Frances Berkeley
Sara Tolchin
Mallory Geitheim
Emily Whittlesey
Joe Gurkoff
Ann Lasman
Alan Bell
Leslie Patterson Werner
Fran Wickner
Peggy Cotton
Andrea and Bill Watson
Nancy Roeser
Rodger Shepherd
East/West Securities Corp.
Karen Brodigan
Rebecca Hsu

Corporate Sponsors:

Ryan and Joel, WIP, 17.25″ x 18″, oil on canvas