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Beauty in the Ordinary

New Website

Two Eggs Painting Seamus Berkeley

It is finally here – a new website designed and developed by Patrick Berkeley. Yes, Patrick and I are related: father and son.

This new site is something I have really wanted for many years, so I’m really excited about it. A few of the best new features for me are in the administrator interface:

  • Instant updating of new paintings, events and workshops

And for you:

  • Purchase artwork or register for classes directly on the site
  • Videos are on the site
  • Downloadable PDFs

This last feature is one that I am most excited about and is something Patrick designed. I think you will really like it: you can download, print or email and any painting on the site! I’ve had many people ask me for images of paintings that have sold, or if they could have an image of a painting before purchasing. This new feature allows you to do these things and to take a closer look at a painting, print it out, and hang it on your wall or give it away to friends! To use this feature simply click the ‘Download PDF’ link to the left of any painting.

To be in contact with Patrick about website design, please send him and email, or visit his website.

Your thoughts?

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