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Beauty in the Ordinary

My travels begin shortly!

My travels begin shortly! First stop for a few days is in San Francisco, then on to Japan. Here is my schedule for the next year:

Portrait painting workshop, Taos Institute of Arts, Taos, 2004
• Beginning painting workshop, Taos Institute of Arts, Taos, 2004
• Painting travels and commissions:
Japan, June & July 2004
Hong Kong, July 2004
Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand, July & August 2004
Shanghai, September & October 2004
India, October & November 2004
Berlin, November 2004
Ireland, November 2004 to March 2005
Boston, March & April 2005
• Painting workshops, Alma del Monte B & B, Taos, May 2005

I plan to post news of places visited and images of new paintings in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

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