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Suggested Materials List for Painting Sessions with Seamus Berkeley

An oil painting of a yellow calla lily, placed against a warm green and dark violet background.

This list of materials is suggested only. You are welcome to work with whatever materials you are familiar or have available. Discussion of materials may by included during sessions, if necessary.

The only strict requirement is absolutely no odorous solvents, mediums or paints. Most oil paints have little, if any odor.

It is best that you bring your own portable easel, so you can store and transport all your materials easily.

Please bring a sufficient number of the following items, or their equivalent, for painting sessions.

General Supplies:

  • portable easel
  • turpenoid or other odorless solvents (only odorless solvents are allowed.)
  • two sealable containers: one for cleaning brushes, the second for clean solvent
  • several primed canvases in a range of sizes from 5” x 7” to 16” x 20”
  • palette for paint mixing


  • viridian
  • ultramarine blue
  • cobalt blue
  • titanium white, larger tube
  • cadmium orange
  • cadmium yellow
  • cadmium red light
  • terra rosa
  • alizarin crimson
  • transparent red oxide
  • yellow ochre

brushes and Painting knives:

  • ½” flat bristle
  • 1” flat bristle
  • ½” filbert bristle
  • 1” filbert bristle
  • ¼” or smaller sable or equivalent filbert
  • One small and one medium painting knife

Other tools and materials:

  • small sketch pad and charcoal
  • kneaded eraser
  • pen and notepad
  • paper towels and small trash bags