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‘Full Moon II’ Giclée

Museum quality giclée of an oIl painting of a bright yellow and white full moon behind leaves and branches set in a violet evening sky.

Robyn Comfort was inspired to write about this piece. You can read her poem ‘Sugar Moon’ and her thoughts about this artwork on Artful Awareness.

Museum quality giclées of this piece and more are available for purchase on the Artful Awareness shop. Here are a few examples:

  • A poem Inspired by ‘On the Edge’

    We are all | On the Edge | On the Edge of Change | A transition | Something known turning into something | New | Bodies | Aging | Seasons | Changing | Life unfolding on its own

  • A Reflection on ‘Full Moon Marina Reflection’

    This painting looks made for a restaurant. When I see it I am flooded with exquisite and comforting sensory memories, the nostalgia of many meals spent growing up in the restaurant environment. Art […]

  • ‘Sugar Moon’ a Poem inspired by ‘Full Moon II’

    Full moon in March           Guides them out to the trees           Sunny temperature thaws           People busy as bees

  • ‘Box of Chocolates’ Giclée

    ‘Box of Chocolates’ Giclée Does everyone enjoy chocolate? Does everyone enjoy See’s Candies? Here’s a sweet painting to satisfy your craving—without the calories! Original paintings and […]

  • ‘Canal, Suzhou, China’ Giclée

    ‘Canal, Suzhou, China’ Giclée On a visit to the cultural art city of Suzhou in Jiangsu province China saw these two men guiding their raft along an ancient canal. The scene was so serene it […]

  • ‘Varanasi Sunrise’ Giclée

    ‘Varanasi sunrise’ Giclée An oil painting of Ganges River as seen from the one of the oldest continuosly inhabited cities in the world: Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. This piece was […]

  • ‘Hot Red Peppers’ Giclée

    ‘Hot Red Peppers’ Giclée The primary colors red, yellow and blue form a triangle on a circular color wheel. Our eyes perceive colors as more vibrant when any two colors that are directly […]

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