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Beauty in the Ordinary

Every Moment is Sacred Podcast with Rain Stickney

‘Every Moment is Sacred’ Podcast with Rain Elizabeth Stickney

On trip through the southwest United States, stopped at a bridge in a remote area of Utah. The silence was profound; it seemed as if the rocks surrounding the area were absorbing all the sound. Then there was the sun hovering above the confluence of the Colorado and Dirty Devil Rivers, just above the horizon to the west only a few minutes before sunset. Memorable moment of nature in it's awesome display of beauty and inspiration for this painting! Baffling Silence, Original oil on canvas, 12" x 7" Framed prints and canvases, digital download, commercial and advertising licensing of photographs by Seamus Berkeley.

Interview with Rain Elizabeth Stickney on her ‘Every Moment is Sacred’ podcast. This episode: ‘Nature Speaks in Silence’.

Rain’s notes about this podcast:

Born in Dublin and living in Taos, New Mexico, Seamus Berkeley gently shares with us the profound practice of entering the contemplative realm through one’s visual experience. A professional and very talented artist, Seamus illustrates how the natural world is a teacher bestowing gifts upon all of us. Gather together and listen as we unfold a meditative conversation in presence, celebrating the ability we all have to let go of constructs and begin to see things as they are.
Seamus Reminds Us:
~ Thomas Keating says: The fruits of contemplation… are in everyday life. He also says: Set an intention before meditation.
~ Take a contemplative walk and ask yourself, “What have I not seen today?” and “How is the light today?”
~ Beauty is a doorway into spaciousness presence awareness.
~ What is blue? Rest in the non-answer.
~ What if we choose to see everything as a gift?
~ Entering into the visual field is a letting go of agenda.
~ Awake = aware of awareness.
Suggested Practice: Sky Meditation
Look at the sky. Are there clouds? Is there movement? Look up… be present to what is.
Resources Mentioned:
Teachings by Thomas Keating, Gurdjieff, James Baraz, and Anam Thubten
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards