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Beauty in the Ordinary

Fundamentals of Painting DVD


In this comprehensive instructional video, Seamus Berkeley shares with you his in depth knowledge of oil painting–from tools and materials through a complete painting demonstration. Using his excellent teaching skills, Seamus conveys in a clear and concise manner practical steps and technical information that will help you attain repeatable results and freedom to express your creative vision.

“I really enjoyed your teaching style. You have a gift. Thank you so much for sharing.” –Marcia, workshop attendee

“Factual problem solving approach. The fact that I had never mixed oil paints before didn’t trouble Seamus, he just taught me how to do it.” –Robert, portrait workshop attendee

“Seamus has incredible ability to teach. He explains it, demonstrates it and, if need be, will help you with a difficult part of your paintings.” –Mary, workshop attendee at the Taos Institute of Arts

Seamus has instructed and lectured at numerous venues including Eagle Rock School, Estes Park, CO; University of New Mexico, Taos, NM; Waring School, Beverly, MA; and his own studios in Taos, NM and Berkeley, CA.

Students and educators will find the clear organization and easy access to specific information particularly useful. Topics covered include:

  • Tools including brushes, knives, thinner and easel
  •  Paint and Palette including organization, mixing, paints and cleaning
  •  Canvas Preparation including support and preparation
  •  Painting Demonstration including wash-in, build and finish

Video Production: Scott Stiefvater, Blue Sky Video Production

Graphic Design: Patrick Berkeley