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Still Life

Oil painting of a bright yellow daffodil casting a shadow on a dark purple background.

Fleeting Florals: Daffodil

    Fleeting Florals:Daffodil I enjoy experimenting when painting, and complementary colors—hues that lie across from one another on the color wheel—is one of my favorites to explore. Similar to the series Reds and Greens which juxtaposed those two colors, this painting… Read More »Fleeting Florals: Daffodil

    Oil painting of a white calla lily petal with a yellow pistil set against a warm dark background.

    Fleeting Florals: Calla Lily

      Fleeting Florals:Calla Lily Calla lilies are such interesting flowers—softly shaped white petals with yellow pistils—making them a perfect invitation to paint. There were three things I wanted to explore in this painting: the subtle variations of white, using a rigid… Read More »Fleeting Florals: Calla Lily