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Oil painting of a open archway looking into the interior and distance archway at the Rock of Cashel, Ireland.

Inward Painting

    Inward Painting “Peering within ourselves to discover what is hidden is one of the most engaging and challenging endeavors of life.” – Seamus Berkeley A portal within a portal. Mind, body and soul intertwined in ways we do not yet… Read More »Inward Painting

    A few examples of landscape paintings.

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    Oil painting of a sliver of a moon in a dark blue evening sky with orange and yellow glow of the sun below the horizon all framed by dark leaves of trees.

    Walking Home

      The setting for this painting is on the short walk from Taos Plaza to my studio. The road is tree lined and runs east west, so the sun is often visible close to the horizon through the trees. One of… Read More »Walking Home