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The last post received more responses than anything written to date. Apparently, those words resonated with many people. It was the most personal writing I’ve ever made public, something I’ve zealously avoided my entire life. Funny how what we may think is so personal is so universal. Anyway, as that post demonstrated the joy of commonality, it’s time to dive off a few more cliffs and reveal a few more personal ponderings!

Along with reflecting on my mom’s passing, I have become very involved in US politics. Foremost of concern and immensely affected by political decisions, is global warming. It’s a fact: the climate is changing and human activity is the root cause. I asked myself: Why create more paintings if we’re headed toward environmental disaster leading to immense human suffering? Spending full time on painting seems to be trivial in view of planetary destruction—a modern version of the well-known expression regarding Nero, fiddles and Rome burning, only in this case, it’s the entire world.

Political action, as I’ve discovered, is very often a contentious activity, causing almost everyone involved to experience moments of anger and outrage, which are hardly in alignment with working on equanimity and joyful experiences. As these latter experiences are what I hope would arise for viewers of my paintings, a personal dilemma unfolded: how to reconcile a desire for environmental and political action which can incite angst and a desire to create beauty through artwork which can evoke joy? A conundrum, for sure! 

Or is it?

So I wonder, have you had similar moments lately?

Next post: some resolution! Quick preview: currently working on a few new pieces!

A Conundrum!