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It’s finally complete – the instructional painting DVD, that is!

Actually, I’m really excited about this video. It took a lot more thought and a lot more time to put it together than anticipated. The result was worth the effort though, as it summarizes much of what I teach in my fundamentals workshops.

Here’s a short preview:

I’ve taught painting workshops for years and received a lot of feedback from grateful students on how much they learned. In the past year, I put a number of short painting videos on YouTube that have been well received with numerous views, comments and questions. In response to this, I decided it would be useful to put a lot of essential information onto the DVD and make it accessible to more people interested in learning more about painting.

If you have ever thought about taking a painting workshop and have hesitated for one reason or another – too far, too much, too many other people ‘looking over your shoulder’ – than this video can work for you. You can watch it on your time, stop, start and easily locate individual sections which are clearly marked in the menu system designed by Patrick Berkeley. And if you’re considering signing up for one of my workshops, this would will a good foundation for a classroom experience. Start dates for the next three day workshops are October 24 and October 31.

You can read more about the DVD and purchase it here.

I want to thank Scott Stiefvater, Blue Sky Video Production, the videographer who filmed and edited the project. His approach and direction were both excellent and indispensable.

And I also want to thank my son, Patrick Berkeley, who worked diligently on all the graphics for this project and is now working even harder on my new website! He is available for website design work and you can be in touch with him at Patrick Berkeley.

October 25, 2008: News from Berkeley, new painting DVD