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Beauty in the Ordinary

A Berkeley Daily: Full Moon II

Full Moon II Painting Seamus Berkeley

36″ x 36″, Oil on canvas

Always something special about a full moon. I wanted to celebrate the new year with a new painting and a new format and decided to do so with this first painting in a series of medium scale works.

It has been a while since my last posting. The last quarter was a busy one for me with portrait commissions, workshops in Taos and Berkeley and art events. I have a lot planned for the new year.

As you probably noticed, I’ve moved away from the daily paintings as I want to explore new ideas in varying sizes, like this Full Moon II painting, which is based on one of the smaller daily paintings. I will continue to post more work and notes about it in future emails.

For the new year, I’ve updated the web site to make it easier to let you know about upcoming events and workshops as well as available paintings and prints as well as new videos. I welcome your comments on the new site.

Wishing you the best in the new year.

If you are interested in acquiring this painting, send me a note.

5 responses to “A Berkeley Daily: Full Moon II”

  1. Jez Lee Avatar

    Hi Seamus,

    I recognized you from the discussion yesterday, and am glad you commented on the blog so that I could find this site.

    Great work,

  2. Judy Mackey Avatar
    Judy Mackey

    Very beautiful.

  3. Keith Avatar

    Very nice! Since you shared some of your work with me, I’ll do the same. This “sketch” was done with conte’ pencils.

  4. Austin Maloney Avatar

    I love the composition and colors.

  5. Von Avatar

    You “caught” it… Very nicely done.

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