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October 2022

Oil painting of a open archway looking into the interior and distance archway at the Rock of Cashel, Ireland.

Inward Painting

    Inward Painting “Peering within ourselves to discover what is hidden is one of the most engaging and challenging endeavors of life.” – Seamus Berkeley A portal within a portal. Mind, body and soul intertwined in ways we do not yet… Read More »Inward Painting

    A landscape oil painting of a stone bridge over a river with autumn-colored grasses in the foreground.

    Roughty Bridge I Painting

      Roughty Bridge I Seamus Berkeley’s mother, Frances, had returned to Ireland, making a home for herself in quaint Kenmare. According to local legend, Kenmare, or ‘Neidín’ in old Gaelic, was the ‘nest’ or lair of the loathsome giant Éin. A… Read More »Roughty Bridge I Painting