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April 2019

Oil painting of a sliver of a moon in a dark blue evening sky with orange and yellow glow of the sun below the horizon all framed by dark leaves of trees.

Walking Home

    The setting for this painting is on the short walk from Taos Plaza to my studio. The road is tree lined and runs east west, so the sun is often visible close to the horizon through the trees. One of… Read More »Walking Home

    Virginia Clark Article in Taos News

      Gratitude to Virginia Clark who wrote this article for the Taos News about the upcoming show at Magpie. Virginia clearly conveys the thinking behind the paintings for the show In This Very Moment.

      Taos Aglow Painting in Time Lapse

        Taos Aglow Magazine cover Painting, Taos News 2018 ‘Taos Aglow’ oil painting by Seamus Berkeley ‘Moonrise’ music composed and performed by Frederick Aragón