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July 2004

Art in Kuala Lumpur

    Since getting more painting supplies was the main reason for me to stop in Kuala Lumpur (KL), I thought I would see a couple of galleries and leave quickly. As it turned out, KL had much more art than expected.… Read More »Art in Kuala Lumpur

    Singapore Art Museum Photograph Seamus Berkeley


      In Singapore, I continued my travel plans to visit art museums and galleries while staying in the cities. First stop here was the Singapore Art Museum. It was the oldest and smallest collection of any museum so far on this… Read More »Singapore

      Hong Kong Central Photograph Seamus Berkeley

      Hong Kong Central

        Before I left Taos, Jan Mellor had given the name of a travel writer, Andrew Leung, who lives in Hong Kong. Andrew had visited and written about Taos last year. I was staying in Kowloon, which is immediately north the… Read More »Hong Kong Central