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Beauty in the Ordinary


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  • Scaling a Composition

    Scaling a Composition

    In creating representational artwork, how can we translate the subject composition to the working surface and maintain the relationship of the elements in the subject? The process of creating artwork can lead to becoming more aware of visual perception and open our experience to see the beauty in the ordinary.

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  • Green, Red, and Orange Peppers

    Green, Red, and Orange Peppers

    Still life oil painting of a red, orange and green peppers on a contrasting background of bright green and dark violet invite you to see colorful vegetables a new way. Green, Red, and Orange Peppers, original oil on canvas, 8.5″ x 5″, framed, $325Oil painting by Seamus Berkeley

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  • Signing a Landscape Study

    Signing a Landscape Study

    Signing ad oil painting is different than working on the painting itself. The paint is thinned to make it flow more easily and the script brush holds more paint allowing for long, thin strokes.

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